Lindo Bosque FAQ's

Here you can find additional information on the Lindo Bosque property.  Please feel free to Contact Us if you have additional questions.

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PDF of Engineering Survey

General Pricing Information

  • This seems really cheap - how come the price is so low?
    At 150 Hectares, you are buying this land in bulk. Plus, this is "unimproved" land without interior roads, power lines, or other improvements. It will take additional funds to implement even a basic infrastructure, but $1 per square meter, Lindo Bosque is specifically priced so that a buyer can easily make a solid return on their investment no matter what direction they take.

  • What are the general prices for land in this area?
    It's hard to find land with basic infrastructure for less than $5 per square meter in the general Montanita area. Anything with even a hint of an ocean view goes for at least $20 per square meter, and prices go up as you get closer to the beach.  Beachfront property in this area starts at $80 per square meter.  At $1 per square meter, Lindo Bosque is very competitively priced. Note that there are some other properties in the $1 to $2 per sq. meter range, but sometimes they are not "titled" properties and a buyer would have to go through the process of claiming title, which involves a petition to the Land Registration office and agreement from the local community. Lindo Bosque is fully titled, with Title Insurance in place from First American Title.

  • Are you willing to sub-divide this property and sell it in pieces?
    Our preference would be to sell the entire property as one parcel. However, if 150 hectares is too much land for you, we could break the property into parcels (see the Engineering Survey).  The minimum parcel size would be 20 Hectares (200,000 sq. meters) for $200,000.

  • Is financing available?
    If the situation warrants, the seller may be willing to finance up to 50% of the purchase price with reasonable terms.

    General area Information
  • There seems to be a lot of properties for sale in this area, especially on the beach. Is everyone moving out?
    No – quite the contrary.  Many people in the local community have lived here for generations, and many of these residents have never given much thought to the value of their land.  Now that this area has been “discovered” and prices are rising, the property owners are realizing that they are sitting on valuable real estate.  Many of the original owners are selling at what they consider to be outrageously high prices, but the real winners will be the people who are investing in this area now.  The trend over the next five to ten years will be similar to what has happened in Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama over the past ten to twenty years. We believe the prices of coastal property in Ecuador will continue to rise until they become competitive with other resort areas worldwide.

  • What are the beaches like? Beach at Low Tide showing the gentle slope of the beach
    This 10km stretch of beach from Olon northward is considered to have the best beaches in Ecuador.  The beaches are exceedingly clean, free of rocks, with very soft sand.  The slope of the beach is incredibly low, you can walk 50 Meters out into the water and only be up to your waist.  Montanita (8Km to the south) is the hot spot for the surfing, but many beginners prefer to surf the beaches of San Jose and Olon, as the conditions are generally more gentle.

  • Why is this particular area so popular? There seems to be a lot of activity here.
    Besides the wonderful beaches, the stretch of coast from Montanita up to Puerta Lopez is the only area on the coast of Ecuador where the "green forest" extends all the way to the ocean.  While there are many nice beaches are along the rest of the coast, the surrounding terrain is mostly dry and sometimes unattractive.  The combination of beautiful, lush, green tropical forest AND such an incredible beach makes this one of the most popular areas on the coast of Ecuador.

  • What is the growth potential for this area?
    While the town of San Jose is only a small fishing village of 500 or so people, and most of the land in the area is undeveloped, the overall growth has been impressive and we believe the trend will continue.  Over the past ten years, there have been a substantial number of high end houses built on the beach and in the hills that have ocean views.  Beachfront property has doubled in price over the last few years, and we expect the price appreciation to continue.  There are a large number of very successful small resorts and spas in the area, but we feel the tourist traffic warrants a larger ecotourism resort which could be built at Lindo Bosque.

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