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Gustavo GonzalezEcuador Homes Online has partnered with Gustavo González and Associates, Cuenca's premiere building, land development, and landscape architecture firm, to provide full design and construction services throughout Ecuador.

Gustavo González is a UC Berkeley trained architect who understands the interactions between architecture and lifestyle, appropriate land use and ecology.  We specialize in perfection.

Ecuador Homes Online can handle any size project, including:

  • Home or business remodeling (Cuenca area only)
  • Pre-sale home inspection (Cuenca area only)
  • Pre-construction site inspection
  • Landscape design
  • Single family home or apartment building design and construction
  • Engineering of roads, electrical, water, and sewer systems
  • Property boundary surveys, geological surveys, and topographical studies
  • Land development projects
  • Master planning and infrastructure implementation of new sub-divisions

Ecuador Homes Online specializes in ecologically friendly design and construction, with architecture, materials, and construction techniques that will satisfy the pickiest clients.  Many architects pay lip service to ecological issues - we live up to our promises by paying attention to issues such as:

  • Ecologically friendly and easy to maintenance road surfaces
  • Proper sewage handling and water drainage systems
  • Non-toxic paints and other materials
  • Recycling programs
  • Landscape designs that utilize native plants and ground covering

Additionally, we understand the requirements of the American/European customers and we pay attention to the little details that are often missed, even in "high end" Ecuadorian construction - details like having enough power and phone outlets, larger bathrooms with more counter space, appropriate lighting for the shape and space of a room, soundproofing, and proper electrical/plumbing installations.

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